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Udyam Prakashan English    09-Nov-2020
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Udyam Prakashan has been in the business of publishing magazines for more than 3.5 years. The issues published so far, contain more than 450 articles that have reached our readers. We have tried to bring to the readers knowledge and information on various topics such as new products, modern technology, improvements in the factory and processes. Through these magazines, we look forward to reach out to readers with information of consistent quality. We and our writers have received positive feedback from several readers that the information contained in our magazine is very useful in their work. It is also common that readers directly contact the authors about the improvements or products described in their articles. Our magazine has become a platform for various entrepreneurs to display their products as well as new techniques to the right customers. Our magazine is meant for everyone working in Engineering Workshops and is being published in Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and Kannada in Maharashtra, Gujarat and South and North India. We strive to give something worth reading to all types of readers, starting from small and medium entrepreneurs to their employees.
In this magazine, we wish to publish articles which are based on practical experience. While working in a workshop, you might have used some special production techniques, or reduced production costs by using some novel ideas, extracted more production from the same raw materials. Such incidents of innovation and improvements may have actually taken place in your factories. Also, many funny incidents happen while working on the shop floor. They are caused by a number of factors such as wrong understanding of work procedures or misunderstandings about a new concept. But in all these cases, we learn something new which adds to our experience. We would love to share such experiences, as well as information about your new product and technology, with readers from over 50,000 companies.
There is a big misconception among engineers or factory workers that that writing is not their cup of tea. However, there are many ways to communicate what you really want to convey. Whatever you want to express, you can send it to us in a language you are comfortable with, either in a written form or even an audio recording on your mobile phone. Our office staff will work on your first draft and will do their best to transform it in a well worded document. We will send you the revised draft for your approval.
We expect all to participate in this endeavor that is aimed at making our work culture more profound and knowledge-based. We are sure that you will contribute by sending to us good quality information on varied topics. Please contact us at the following telephone number or email.
Mobile No. + 91 9359104060