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Udyam Prakashan English    10-Nov-2020
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Since its inception in June 2017, Udyam Prakashan has been publishing Marathi Magazine ‘Dhatukam’, Hindi Magazine ‘Dhatukarya’, Kannada Magazine ‘Lohkarya’ and Gujarati magazine ‘Dhatukam’ which are dedicated to share information and knowledge, related to machining industry. Very soon we are launching our Tamil edition too. The response to these magazines is highly encouraging from both Advertisers and readers. 
We have the largest reach to 50,000 small, medium and large companies, educational institutions and business organizations are being reached every month. 
You are aware that advertisements add value to any magazine by giving relevant product information to the targeted reader apart from helping the smooth running of the magazine. This is an unique opportunity to directly communicate the unique features of your products, with your targeted end users. Not only will your advertisement reach nearly 50,000 companies; but they will be read by those who are technically better-informed through regular perusal of articles from our magazine.
You have an option to advertise your products Digitally on our website also.
This appeal is to request for advertisements in this prestigious magazine and be a part of this unique venture supporting the national mission of making all relevant knowledge available in regional languages. 
You are welcome to contact our representative for advertisement schedule and the commercial details. 
Pune: +91 9307909747