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Udyam Prakashan English    15-Oct-2020
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Udyam Prakashan is started with the objective of publishing technical books and magazines related to engineering in regional languages, to bring a professional knowledge and updated information at the doorstep of the common shop floor technicians. With this vision, we launched a magazine named ‘Dhatukam’ (metal working) in Marathi in June 2017 and from November 2018, we have started similar magazine in Kannada and Hindi language.
The professional magazines contribute by publishing important information about the new techniques, new experiments being conducted in the respective areas, new tools and equipment which have been introduced in the market. As new issue of any magazine arrives every month, it is browsed through as a common practice. If one can comes across something interesting in such a periodical; it is shared with friends and colleagues. Thus, new technical information spreads among the subscribers in the industry. This is the reason why ‘Udyam’ has decided to publish a magazine along with the books, in the regional language.
Our magazines ‘Dhatukam’ (metal working) in Marathi, Dhatukarya in Hindi and Lohakarya in Kannada are similar to European or American magazines like ‘Modern Machine Shops’, ‘American Machinist’ or ‘Fertigung’. The main objective of this magazine is to share the latest information about all the modern techniques of producing machined parts using machine tools, with readers. The magazine also contains information about the improvement activities, new products, new processes and improvements. It is our endeavor to give useful information to the workers, supervisors and officers in every issue of this magazine.
We are circulating this Marathi magazine to around 16,000 SMEs in and around Maharashtra and 10,000 industries in Karnataka along with 15,000 companies from North India. It definitely has made an impact and being appreciated by the readers. We also intend to start magazines in Gujarati and Tamil in near future.
There are thousands of small and medium engineering industrial units spread all over India. Although there is a lot of employment generation in these units, most of the workers and operators on the shop floor have little knowledge of the English language. If this work force is to be technically educated to increase its efficiency; then it is mandatory to impart training in their local language. Obviously, the right books are very important, so our team is working on books which should be useful to the new entrants in MSME sector, which can help them to learn GOOD PRACTISES for work shop working.
There are 4 books under preparation Mechanical Handbook, Sulabh Yantrashala, Pragat Yantrashala and Assembly –Disassembly. These books are being created to make shop working as ‘Knowledgeable working’ enabling to improve performance.
There is team of professional engineers working with zeal and definite mission to ‘percolate engineering knowledge and information in technicians mother tongue’.